Wheelchair Rugby

The 2016/2017 wheelchair rugby season is under way! Inquire with the City of Reno adaptive sports programs or contact us here for more information on how you can be involved.

Livin' Life on Wheels is proud to be a part of the fastest growing wheelchair sport in the world... Wheelchair rugby! Wheelchair rugby is also known as Murderball or quad rugby. It is a very exciting Paralympic sport that is fast paced and full contact!! The 2015/16 season is the beginning of many great things to come. The team found some new sponsors, namely the High Fives Foundation and C & R Medical Supplies. Hence, our new name, the Reno High Fives. We also added three brand new players to our team. Bringing the total number of people involved to 12 including players, coaches, and support staff. Rugby plays an integral part in our lives: it keeps us active, competitive, allows us to travel around the nation, keeps us part of a community, is a place of support for people in a similar situation, and so much more. Come join us at local tournaments and events. GO HIGH FIVES!!!